Berlin Tradition with a Big Heart

Our hotel is a traditional Berlin hotel now offering a new look!

Our hotel is located in the north of Berlin in between the forest Tegeler Forest and the lake Tegeler See, right on the shore of the Havel River.

The hotel is a family run business with two generations working side by side.

In 2014 we are introducing a charming new interior design that offers a new look. This will provide a cosmopolitan, friendly atmosphere in combination with a traditional Berliner authenticity. The hotel is in Berlin, so it is close to the busy city center and also right in the heart of a quiet and green countryside landscape, we offer you a place that provides a holiday feel and quiet relaxation overlooking the Havel. Few other city hotels can offer a similar package of tranquillity, recreation, nature and city life to city travellers .

Car parking spaces are available right in front of the house.

The friendly atmosphere and the plentiful breakfast buffet make it easy for you to start each day with good energy and vibes.

Berlin and the ‘Havel Lodge Hotel’ are worth a visit in all seasons, all year long.